Friday The 13th: Fans Wants More Opportunity To Survive

The new trailer for Friday the 13th has been release and although everything looks intense and scary, the fans were not too happy about the fact that the victim is not given more opportunity to survive.

In the trailer, they showed some of the execution animation and in them, the victim just sort of lay there waiting for Jason to deliver the final blow. Fans said that they would like to see more of a struggle or maybe even give players a chance to escape from Jason like crawling away or avoiding to blow to make the reaction feel for realistic.

As interesting as that would be, we think that animations shown in the trailer would probably be when the killer has finally got you. That means the player would probably have a lot of opportunities to run and escape but failed to do so which will then lead to that scene in the trailer.

Overall, the trailer looks pretty intense and very gruesome and we can’t wait to see how the full game would be like.

Steven Estevez

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