Ford Mustang Fail To Keep It Straight!

People can do a lot of foolish things especially when they get behind the wheels of powerful models like the Ford Mustang. This driver here thinks that it would be a great idea to drift the Mustang while it was raining. The result was a video proof of how foolish he was.

According to the person that recorded the video, the driver told him that he was going to drift out of the lot but instead of exiting the lot in a stylish manner, the driver ended up crashing the Mustang into a Lamborghini dealership.

It is clear in the video that it was raining then the ground was wet which is not the ideal condition for drifting but the driver went for it and had to pay the price for it as well.

You can check out the video for yourself below. Ford Mustang drivers are slowly getting a bad reputation and videos like this do not help either.

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