Ford Focus RS500: Now That Is Just Plain Cruel

Why tease us with a faster Focus Focus RS if they don’t plan to let us own one? Spies have already spotted what they believe is the Ford Focus RS500 getting tested on the track but new reports are now suggesting that the car might not even make it out.

It has been reported that the new Ford Focus RSS500 could be coming with an upgraded engine that will allow the vehicle to deliver about 396hp or maybe 400hp with a 2.3-liter turbo engine. However, don’t get your hopes too high yet.

Autocar reported that the Ford Focus RS500 have not been approved yet. Even though Ford is interesting in offering a more powered Ford Focus RS model, it is said that they are still trying to figure out the release would be wise financially.

If the Ford Focus RS500 does get a green light, it is possible that we might be seeing it in the spring of next year.

Steven Estevez

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