For Honor: Wall Banging Player Banned!

As with most games, players will always find ways and means to make leveling up faster. In the case of For Honor, players were using a method called AFK farming to gain extra experience and Ubisoft has now decided to do something about it.

It was reported that some players would just join the game and tape down their direction button so that their characters in the game would keep running around all while gaining experience. The other players got so feed up with these “Wall Banging” characters that they urge Ubisoft to do something about it.

To make sure the game is fair, Ubisoft has now banned up to 1500 players for using the AFK farming method. Those banned won’t be able to play For Honor for three days. They added that an additional 4000 players have received warnings.

Other than these issues, the response has been pretty positive so far.

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