Final Fantasy XV vs Kingdom Hearts 3: Which One Should Wait?

If you are a fan of Square Enix than you should be aware of the two highly anticipated IPs that is nearing its release. They are none other than Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. Both titles are going to explosive when launched but which of them deserves more anticipation?

Despite their differences, both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are powered by the all-new Unreal 4 game engine. As such, fans can look forward to experiencing a mesmerizing gaming experience in the upcoming games.

Final Fantasy XV, in particular, will continue on their adventure with tons of new features to offer. This will surely restore its popularity, which has been collapsing over the last couple of years. Some fans blamed that the series is too stretched and request for a conclusion already.

This then brings us to Kingdom Hearts 3, which has never stopped growing in popularity. The game is said to be the conclusion to Xehanort’s saga which explains why many can’t wait to start playing Kingdom Hearts 3.

With that being said, we personally feel that Kingdom Hearts 3 deserves more attention from Square Enix as it is now viewed as the more popular title when compared to Final Fantasy XV. Of course, this is just our opinion. What’s yours?

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