Final Fantasy XV vs Kingdom Hearts 3: We Have A Winner

There is a huge dispute going on in the gaming industry and it involves fans of the Kingdom Hearts series and the Final Fantasy series. It seems that both set of fans are fighting over which title deserves to be created first, Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts 3?

While the Kingdom Hearts fans might be louder in the debate, it recently published chart ranking suggests that Kingdom Hearts 3 is still far behind Final Fantasy XV in terms of anticipation. This is also despite of the fact that both games are developed by Square Enix.

The chart was summed up by a popular Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, and it puts Final Fantasy XV at the top of the chart. Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts 3 is ranked at the fifth position.

Even so, Kingdom Hearts fans found it hard to swallow this face and believe that the Final Fantasy franchise has overstayed its welcome. True enough, things does get old in the Final Fantasy series but the Famitsu chart confirms that the franchise boasts a large number of loyal fans.

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