Final Fantasy VII Remake: Fans Outcry Not Heard

The fans definitely did not take the news well. When Tetsuya Nomura reveal that they are looking to change the battle system of the Final Fantasy VII game and hinted that the Active Time Battle system could be removed, the fans were outrage.

However, the response did not really matter to the developers as they continue working on changing the battle system. Last month, Nomura reveal that the Active Time Battle System will indeed be no more and that fans will be getting a brand new battle system that is similar to what we have seen in the Kingdom Heart franchise.

According to Nomura, they wanted to change the battling system because they wanted the game to be more action pack but he did not elaborate on why or how the new system will help them achieve that.

He finishes it up by saying that more details will be revealed the next time he talks about the game. Do you think taking away the ATB system is a mistake?

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