FIFA 14 TOTY: Buying A Market Crash Team? First Read This

The recent market crash in FIFA 14 got every player glued to the game as they look to get great footballers for a bargain. However, there are some rules to observe in order to make the best out of that period.

For starters, players should avoid including IF cards in their crash team. The IF cards are valuable in FIFA 14. It will be a loss if used during the bargain period. The best deals are with rare gold player.

These footballers are big names in the industry. However, they are of age and prices for them in the market crash will plunge the most. Once the crash period is over, players will see a sharp incline in their value. That is when players sell them to fund their IF team.

While the crash period might be over today, it will be returning next season. As such, it is best to keep this in mind and anticipate for the next market crash in FIFA 14.

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