Faraday Future Looks Dead In The Water

Everybody is looking forward to the day when Faraday Future brings in their EV powered model to compete with Tesla and while everything looks great from the outside, it looks like Faraday might be in deeper trouble than we think.

Futuris, a supplier has told Buzzfeed News that they are still awaiting payments from Faraday and has decided to file a $10million lawsuit against the car manufacturer.

This is not the first time we here of Fraday having financial issues. Some people believe that because of these, we might not even get a new Tesla rival in the near future.

Faraday has yet to comment on the issue yet but they did send out a few tweet that seems to suggest that they are the victim of a media smear campaign. Do you think we will get to see a Faraday on the road or will it all crash before it starts?

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