Fallout 5: Sad But Necessary

The Fallout franchise had a great run but every good thing will have to come to an end and it looks like for the game Fallout, the fifth installment, Fallout 5, could be the end.

There are now new rumors suggesting that the Fallout 5 game will be the last installment and that Bethesda will be wrapping things up in Fallout 5. While it will be sad to see the game end, we think it could be the right thing to do. The worst thing that can happen to the game is to see it crash and burn when developers start running out of idea and the game starts to feel stale and repetitive.

The Fallout 4 game has been getting some very positive reviews so far despite the bugs and glitches. All in all, Bethesda did do a great jib with the game. It will be years before we will get to see Fallout 5 since Bethesda will most likely be focusing their attention on the Elder Scroll franchise now.

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