Fallout 4 Graphic Expectations Kept Low

Fans of the Fallout franchise that are anticipating Fallout 4 should not carry big expectations for the game. Yes, Fallout 4 will surely be making its debut on the Xbox One and PS4 but it won’t come with that revolutionary graphics that everyone is hoping for.

This is because of the game engine that Fallout 4 will run on. If Fallout 3 is to be referred to, the title adopts the same game engine that was used by Bethesda’s other title, Oblivion. Of course, the game developer did some technical tweaking to ensure that Fallout 3 has better graphics then the title from the Elder Scrolls’ franchise.

If the pattern is to repeat itself, then Fallout 4 will be adopting the same game engine that was used by Skyrim. This is despite of the fact that the game is going to debut on the next-gen gaming systems.

Even if Bethesda improves on the existing engine, Fallout 4 won’t be looking too good on the Xbox One and PS4. There is little chance for Fallout 4 to run on a new game engine but that will need years for Bethesda to develop.

As such the idea for Fallout 4 to run on Skyrim’s system seems more likely. It even makes sense since Bethesda wishes for Fallout 4 to appear on the old Xbox 360 and PS3, and having a general mechanism is crucial for the game to be compatible across all platforms.


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