Fallout 4 Fans Call For End Of Red Designation

There’s been loads of talk over on Reddit about whether Fallout 4 players should be able to have their red designation removed – lots of people think they should.

One Redditor started it all off by saying players should have this option – to switch off the red designation for enemies, making everyone the same colour. This would allow players to move around in the wasteland, not knowing who was a friend and who was a foe. The increased risks would lead to increased punishments and increased rewards.

A good example is one player walking through the game and finding the Legion. Players could shoot them from a distance, but then again they could be harmless deserters – but the player would have to get closer to find out.

The designations let players identify others from a distance. Removing this will add more appeal to the game – the first two Fallout games made it difficult to see who was who, and this could be the same again in Fallout 4.
Lots of players agree with this Redditor and have made their own suggestions about how to proceed. Bartering could be brought back and NPCs given names to add a bit more reality. Players might hesistate to shoot someone who actually has a name.

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