Fallout 4 Caught In A Hot & Cold Situation

Fallout fans were left disappointed after The Game Awards event as Bethesda failed to announce anything on the highly anticipated sequel, Fallout 4. This is despite of the strong indication of the announcement by TGA’s host, Geoff Keighley.

Now, the air is cleared after Geoff went on an Ask-Me-Anything session to explain for both himself and Bethesda. When questioned, Geoff said that there were plans to announce Fallout 4 at TGA but it was cancelled at the very last minute by Bethesda.

Geoff added that Bethesda told him it wasn’t the right time to make the announcement. Unfortunately, the lad changed the topic after fans started questioning on the details of Fallout 4.

Then again, Fallout 4 can look at the positive side of things. Geoff statement might not ease the disappointment but it does, in a way, confirm that Fallout 4 is indeed in development. Perhaps, Bethesda is delaying the announcement to ensure that Fallout 4 is problem-free when revealed.


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