E3: Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zero Gets Some Harsh Comments On Its Torture

Metal Gear Solid V has been criticized several times for its torture themes and creator Hideo Kojima finally responded this week at E3 during an interview by Gamespot. Kojima says that he already expected to see this kind of comments on his game but he is satisfied with how his game delivers the message intended.

“Of course I expected people to react to this, but then again, the theme of the game I’m trying to bring here .. themes such as race, chain of revenge … that’s something I don’t want to look away from,” Kojima said. “I did kind of see it coming that people would react to this. But that doesn’t change the message that I want to relay. And there are things that I really think that we cannot look away from.”

“Certainly what I’m trying to do is different from just shooting at a zombie that pops up,” he added. “I think because I have a very specific theme I want to relate, there are things that I just cannot look away from and I need to depict.”

Although these torture animations are only accessed and saw by players who find hidden tapes. GTA V also has its own torture scene but in GTA V, you are in control and you are the one torturing your victim unlike Ground Zero which only consists of some videos.

The upcoming game is Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain which will release for Xbox One and PS4 platforms. The game still doesn’t have a confirmed release date.

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