E3: Destiny Won’t Support Split-Screen Co-op

Bungie couldn’t repeat Halo’s glorious history with Destiny when it comes to split-screen co-op. Destiny is Bungie’s latest game in development and it is an open-world MMO-like shooter. Bungie community manager Eric Osborne told GameSpot during E3 that the decision came due to seeing that implementing split-screen co-op won’t satisfy their vision of the game and how it makes you feel bonded with its world.

“We’re actually not supporting split-screen in Destiny,” Osborne said “We love split-screen. Obviously we have a legacy of supporting it. We know a lot of players love it. We love it. But we really wanted to untether guardians. Even if you’re in a fireteam, you can go wherever you want. That level of freedom was really important for us. We know some players really like split-screen. Ultimately, you can’t build a game to suit every single player out there.”

Although Osborne didn’t completely kill the dreams of split-screen lovers and gave them some hope by saying that Bungie could implement the feature with a game update.

“The good news for us is with a new IP you get an opportunity to set a foundation in place,” Osborne said. “You get to see what players do; see what the community loves about it. You get to be reactive. And the reality is we have no idea what people are going to do, what they’re going to fall in love with in this world.”

Destiny launches fully on September 9 for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The beta and alpha dates are here.

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