Destiny 2: What’s The Story So Far?

Nobody knows the real story of Destiny 2. While most people seems to believe that the game is being developed, the developers have never confirmed it. While there might not be any real confirmation, there is a long list of rumors and speculations. The problem now is which one of them is real and which is not.

It is believed that there will be a new Destiny 2 trailer at E3 this year. More importantly is that the game is believed to be coming to PC. PC fans were hoping that the first game would be released on PC but that never happened, hopefully, Destiny 2 will make it to the PC.

It is also believed that it will be a new game and that players might not be able to carry forward their characters from the first game although they will still bring forward some of their upgrades.

Based on the rumors, the game will be arriving this year. Fans believe that the release window will be around September but we will have to wait and see.

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