Death Stranding: Setting The Bar Really High

The thing about games is that if you set the game up too high in the beginning and fail to deliver at the end of the day, the fans will be coming after the developer with everything they have so Kojima must really be confident with his upcoming game, Death Stranding if he is brave enough to say that the game will be the best title he has ever made.

Kojima has made quite a few impressive game and even the last failed Silent Hill P.T was a huge hit. Death Stranding will be the first game he will develop since leaving Konami and all eyes are on him.

According to Kojima, he is confident that this game will be his best work. He added that he had to make compromises in the past but that will not be happening with this game.

He goes on to say that the game will be something completely new. We still do not know what the game is about even though we have already seen the trailer and it looks like we will not be getting our answer anytime soon as the game is still far from being ready.

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