Dead Island 2: What’s Holding It Back

Previously, many people believe that the reason why the game is taking so long to be completed is because the game was passed from one developer to another but new reports now suggest that Sumo Digital could be the reason why the game is taking to long to arrive.

It is believed that the Sumo Digital might have decided to scrap everything the previous developers have done when they took away the game. It is said that they came out with new mechanics and story for the game and started fresh. That would explain why after so long, we still have not seen anything from the game.

If that is the case, it is still better than not getting the game at all. Last year, everybody thought that the game might have gotten cancel when Steam removed the game from their list but Deep Silver clarified that the game is still developing although it might not arrive anytime soon.

Hopefully, we will hear more about the game this year.

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