Dead Island 2 Fans Running Out Of Patience

The sequel for the game Dead Island have been announced a long time ago and up until this day, it still does not feel like we are getting any closer to a release and the fans are running out of patience.

The game Dead Island was released right when Zombie games were the trend. The game was an instant hit and Yager Development soon made the announcement that they will be releasing a sequel. Things started to slow down along the way and by the time Sumo Digital got their hands on the game, a lot of people believe that the game will never make it out.

Then there was the incident where the game was removed from stream causing their fans to panic. Well, Deep Silver did come out to clarify that they are still working on the game.

Some people are now saying that we might see the game at the upcoming Gamescom because Deep Silver will be occupying a few booth at the end. It that is true, we might be a week away from the Dead Island 2 announcement.

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