Dead Island 2: Are We Getting Closer?

After waiting for so long, it should feel like we are getting closer to the game so why does it feel like we are getting further away from the game?

New reports suggest that Sumo Digital might have pushed the release date way in the future as they have decided to start the game from scratch. The development of Dead Island 2 started years ago but since the game has passed a few hands, it is hard to determine where it is at right now.

It is believed that Sumo Digital might have decided to scrap everything the other developers has done so far and start fresh. That means a new story as well as new mechanics for the game. While we do think that will help make it a better game, we are not too happy that will have to keep waiting for the game.

Of course, this is just one of the many rumors and we won’t know for sure until Sumo Digital announces something.

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