Chevrolet Bolt Will Trigger Your Range Anxiety In 2025

The new Chevrolet Bolt EV have been getting a lot of attention thanks to the 238miles range that the vehicle will be offering when it arrives. Chevrolet also tried to sweeten the deal with an eight-year warranty but what happens after that?

We all know that the battery will definitely deteriorate after some time but a lot of people do not notice how much it will impact the usability of the vehicle. After looking through the Bolt’s manual, some people notice that GM has made it clear that the vehicle’s battery might degrade as much as 40% after the warranty period.

That means if you get the Chevrolet Bolt next year, you could be driving an electric vehicle with only 143miles of electric range in 2025. Of course, not all batteries will degrade as much as 40% as GM stated that it could be anywhere between 10% to 40% but the fact that it will actually degrade that much is a little scary.

Would this affect your decision to get the Chevrolet Bolt? Protection Status