Bugatti Chiron Roadster Removes Its Top

Ever wonder how the new Bugatti Chiron Roadster will look like without its top? Well, artist Theophilus Chin has made it easier for us by coming out with a new rendering of what he thinks the Bugatti Chiron will look like in Roadster form.

The rear design of the Bugatti Chiron works when the top is on but without the top, the design feels a little out of place almost like another car was being swallowed up by the other. At least that we what we felt when we looked at the rendering by Theophilus Chin.

Check out the rendering and tell us what you think of the design of this Bugatti Chiro Roadster designed by Theophilus Chin. You can also head here to check out some of the other renderings and concepts that the artist has come out with.

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