Breath Of The Wild Tedious Goal Reward Stinks

If you have already started playing the new Legend of Zelda game, you will know that there is a goal in the game that requires the players to collect 900 Korok seeds. Well, while most poeple choose to ignore it, one fan decided to do it to see what he would get in return and let’s just say that it was not worth the afford.

If you complete it, the character Hestu will grant link a golden poo. That is it. After all the time spends, you get a shining golden poo. In the description, it writes that the poo smells pretty bad.

Well, now that you know what is at the end of that rainbow, you might want to stop wasting your time with that goal and move on with the rest of the quest. Or if you are one of those that needs to have everything completed, well, at least you are prepared for it now.

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