Boost Mobile Promo Codes Now Available Again

June is not only famous for its bright sunny weather. It is also that time where consumers can enjoy all the best discounts on their purchases. The latest deal to come is from US carrier, Boost Mobile.

While it might not be a major telco in the US, Boost Mobile is definitely bringing the competition to the big 4 carriers with its latest offering.

For a limited time only, consumers will get $100 account credit if they switch numbers to that of Boost Mobile. Consumers will also have to get a new phone and sign up to Boost Monthly Unlimited Plan.

Aside from that, the telco is also offering $5 discount on monthly bills if subscription payment is made on time, in every six month. Other offers from Boost Mobile include deals for pre-owned phones, the Apple iPhone 5S, 5C and 4S.

The promo is given away in the form of codes and consumers can claim these codes over at


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