BMW i5 Makes For A Better BMW i3 In Looks

We have already seen what BMW has to offer on their BMW i3 and we know their next move will be to upgrade their BMW i5 as well. While we still have not seen what BMW have done to the upcoming i5, the people over at Indian Autos Blog seems to think that the BMW i5 is going to come looking like this.

The rendering of the BMW i5 was based on the patent images that came out not too long ago. The designer decided to use the images as well as the BMW i3 as the base design for the rendering and we got to say, the BMW i5 that they came out with looks a lot better than the BMW i5.

The upcoming BMW i5 will be coming in to sit in between the BMW i3 as well as the BMW i8. BMW have not officially announced that they will be building the BMW i5 but if they do, we should be seeing the concept version next year.

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