Blackberry Smartphone Teased, Announcement Date Revealed

Blackberry has already made it clear that they are going to focus on the software aspect of their future smartphone. Just like Google, they will be getting another manufacturer to build and sell their device.

Well, the first one is almost ready to be reveal. TCL announce that they will be the one building and selling the devices. They also reveal at CES at the new Blackberry device will be announced at the MWC next month.

TCL did not talk about the specs and performance of the smartphone but they did reveal that the new Blackberry smartphone will still come with a physical QWERTY keyboard. It would not be a Blackberry without it.

Most people seems to believe hat the new Blackberry device will be coming in with the latest Snapdragon 835 chip but we will have to wait and see. More details will be reveal at the MWC 2017 happening next month.

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