Bioware Teases On Trilogy Remake Prior To Mass Effect 4

Yesterday, Bioware was spotted on various social network sites as the game developer intends to create a wishlist on what fans want in Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered. The move came as a surprise to many since nobody actually hoped to see the first Mass Effect trilogy getting re-developed.

Nevertheless, fans of the Mass Effect franchise were one in hoping for the Trilogy remake to come completed with all the DLCs that were offered in the series. Nobody likes the idea of playing a re-created game but still having to pay up for the DLCs.

Since Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered will also debut on the Xbox One and PS4, fans wishes for the game to exhibit better graphics and gaming mechanism.

Of course, there are many other demands for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered but none of them carry more importance than the above two. On the other hand, Bioware cooled down the hype by making no promises on Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.

If the remake is to get released, then it will only be fitting as the fans can get the opportunity to set the mood before Bioware rolls out the highly anticipated title, Mass Effect 4.

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