Bethesda Plans Big For VGX Announcement: Is It Fallout 4?

Fallout fans can start preparing the fireworks as there is a huge chance for Fallout 4 to get announced at this year’s VGX happening next week. This looks very likely to happen if our interpretation on Geoff Keighley recent Tweet is spot on.

The gaming journalist will be hosting the upcoming VGX event and it came as a surprise when the lad shared a picture of him having a dinner discussion with Bethesda’s head-honchoes.

In detail, the picture came with a description which says, “Great night planning with the ladies who run Bethesda. You are missed @DCDeacon.”

What caught our curiosity is the use of the word “planning” in the Tweet. To have better understanding on this, fans need to be aware that Geoff has hosted many gaming events in the past and at each event, the lad announces on a pre-released title.

With Geoff having a private discussion with Bethesda, it must be about a future game announcement that is bound to happen during VGX. Now, the bigger question is, will it be Fallout 4 or some other titles?


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