Battlefield 1 Want’s Players To Experience The War From The Start To The End

The one thing that will set the upcoming game Battlefield 1 apart from the other FPS shooting games we have in the market is that this time, it will be set in World War 1.

This is the first time DICE is bringing us an FPS game set in World War 1 and it seems like the weapons used in the war will be the highlight of the game. DICE released a new video showing their fans what they did to come out with the list of weapons that the upcoming game will have.

According to EA CFA Black Jorgenson, the World War 1 started with poeple on horseback and end with tanks and planes. They are hoping to use this huge shift to spice up their latest FPS.

The new Battlefield 1 will be released on the 21st of October but we should be seeing a beta version before that.

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