Audi Makes EV Mark With Three Of Their Own, Deadline Decided

For a lot of automaker, EVs are the way of the future and Audi plans to make their mark with three battery-powered electric vehicles and that is just the beginning for Audi.

According to Audi, we will be seeing three battery-powered vehicles by them before 2020 and that there will be more to come after 2020. They did not reveal what the new models will be but people are expecting them to come under the E-Tron name.

One of the three should be the Audi Q8 plug-in hybrid that they showed off earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show. There is also E-Tron Quattro concept which we saw a few years ago.

To make sure the transition is made without any hitch, Audi has already started training more than 6000 workers in high-voltage tech and is also working on quick-charging public infrastructure.

After what happen with their diesel model, EV powered models makes a lot more sense now.

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