Ark: Survival Evolved Dev Not Feeling Sorry

The release of the new DLC of the unfinished Ark: Survival Evolved backfired. Fans were not pleased that the developers have already started charging them for new DLC when the base game wasn’t even complete.

Studio Wildcard has since responded to all the criticism but if you are expecting to hear an apology from the dev, you will be very disappointed. They went on the explain that the reason they choose to release the DLC first was so that they could see how the DLC perform and work on any problems that the DLC will have. That way, everything is smoother when the actual game is completed.

As nice as that sounds, the fans are not buying it. They all think that if the developers were so concern about fixing bugs and glitches maybe they should fix the basic game bug-free and solid first before adding in another DLC.

You can read the full blog post here and decide for your

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