Apple’s Could Boost iPhone SE Just Like iPhone 6

16GB is not longer enough for most smartphone users so people were a little confuse when Apple decided to release the Apple iPhone SE with 16GB of internal memory. With what is happening to the iPhone 6 right now, maybe the iPhone SE will also get a surprise update from Apple?

We are still not sure what is going on but an iPhone 6 with 32GB of internal storage has been spotted in China. The smartphone is not being sold through Apple’s retail channel but through Taiwan Mobile.

The Gold 32GB iPhone 6 is now sold as part of a monthly contract. We do not know if Apple plans to offer this model in any other market other than China. Some fans were also hoping that the Apple iPhone SE will get the same treatment but with Apple keeping quiet about the matter, there is no way we can know what Apple is going to do int he future.

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