Apple MacBook Pro: CR Sings A Different Tune

When Apple first release their new Apple MacBook Pro, Consumer Report has the Apple MacBook Pro one of the worst ratings it can get, “Do Not Recommend” after it discovered that the Apple MacBook Pro battery life was far from what Apple had promised.

Of course, some people were not too happy with the result and have asked Consumers Report to retest the MacBook Pro but that was not why CR retested it. Apple released a new software update for the Apple MacBook Pro and that was why CR retested the laptop.

According to Consumer Reports, the new update fixes the battery life of the MacBook Pro. In fact, they are now saying that after the update, the Apple Macbook Pro battery life is even better than what Apple has written down on the paper.

The software update is currently only in its beta stage but it has already convinced CR to list the Apple MacBook Pro under the recommended page.

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