Apple iPhone 8 Won’t Be As Curvaceous, Still Curvy

The Apple iPhone 8 is still very far away especially if the rumor about Apple planning to release it after the Apple iPhone 7s turns out to be true but that has not stopped the people from speculating.

When it was suggested that the Apple iPhone 8 will come with an OLED display, the fans automatically assume that the device will be coming in with a curved screen. This week, some reports claim that the Apple iPhone 8 will not come with a curved screen although it will still use the OLED display.

Now, Nikkei Asian is saying that the new iPhone 8 will come with a curved display although the curves will not be as obvious as the one seen on the Samsung devices. Unlike the Samsung version, the curved edges will only enhance the look of the device and will not come with any special features.

It is believed that the new iPhone 8 will be sporting a 5.8inch OLED display screen.

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