Apple iPhone 8 Will End Up Like The Note 7

To make sure they were ahead of Apple last year, Samsung decided to push things forward a little and release the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 earlier than usual. If only they had taken more time with the device, maybe the Note 7 won’t end up where it is right now.

Now, new reports are saying that Apple is also looking to do the same to their Apple iPhone 8. It has been reported that Apple might be starting the production of their new Apple earlier this year. BlueFin Research Partners reported that Apple’s contract with the supply chain suggest that they plan to start a little earlier this year.

Some people think that this means that the Apple iPhone 8 will be arriving earlier this year but other think that Apple might be trying to increase their stock before they release the device. We know that Apple has always had the problem of running out of stock every time they release a new iPhone. Protection Status