Apple iPhone 8: No Longer Scard Of The Water

A few years ago, dropping your iPhone is a tub or toilet bowl meant the end of your device. Water gets in and the end for your iPhone but with the new iPhone upgrade, you will have one thing less to worry about.

The previous iPhone came with an IP67 which will allow the device to not only stop the dust from getting in but it will protect it from water as well. As good as that sounds, it looks like it is not good enough for Apple as new report suggest that Apple will be upgrading the water and dustproof feature of the device in hope of getting a better rating.

According to The Korea Herald, the new Apple iPhone could be coming in with an IP67 which will allow it to be submerged in 15cm to 1meter of water. That might sound great but that does not mean that you should be dropping your device into the water whenever you can since Apple does not cover water damage.

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