Apple iPhone 8: New Plot Twist For 5.0-Inch Model

Even though the Apple iPhone 8 is still pretty far away, there seems to be a constant flow of leaks and speculation to keep us talking about it. Previous rumors suggest that the Apple iPhone 8 might come with a new wireless charging feature but new rumors are saying that the wireless charging features might not be offered on all the iPhone 8 models.

In fact, we might not even get it on the standard model. We know that there have been talks about Apple releasing three iPhones this year, the standard 4.7inch model, 5.5inch model and a new 5-inch model.

It is said that the 5inch model will be the one with the wireless charging feature. The reports also add that the feature will be offered as an optional feature which means users might have to buy the wireless charging port separately if they would like to use the features. Since this is Apple, after all, we won’t be surprised if that happens.

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