Apple iPhone 8 Home Button Won’t Be Reading Your Fingerprint

With so many rumors and speculation out there, it is hard to determine which is actually real and which is not. One of the latest reports suggests that the Apple iPhone 8 home button will not come with a fingerprint sensor.

Instead of the home button, it is believed that the sensor could be hiding behind the display now. This rumor started after Apple filed a patent suggesting that they are looking for a way to fit the sensor behind the display so that users can touch the screen and have it scan their fingerprint.

Of course, the patent is just one of the many patents that Apple has filed throughout the year so it does not necessarily mean that we will be seeing it on the device but the fans are convinced that Apple is working towards it.

It is believed that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will be coming with a huge 5.8inch display and that we might see it sporting a curved display this time around.

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