Apple iPhone 7s & iPhone 8 Not The Same Thing

We won’t be hearing about the Apple iPhone 8 from Apple for some time now but that does not mean that the speculations and rumors will stop. Some fans are still arguing about whether the device will be called the Apple iPhone 7s or the Apple iPhone 8. What if Apple decides to offer both?

According to DigiTimes, we could be getting an Apple iPhone 7s as well as an iPhone 8. It is believed that the iPhone 8 is going to be the top new high-end iPhone that will be coming with a 5.8inch display screen. They also added that the device will be sporting an aluminum body and a glass back.

The iPhone 8 is also said to be coming in with an OLED display which means we could be getting a curved screen iPhone this year.

The standard iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will be a 4.7inch model and a 5.5inch model.

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