Apple iPhone 6s vs Apple iPhone SE: What Did They Change

There are a few more differences between the Apple iPhone SE and Apple iPhonse 6s besides the smaller display screen and price tag.

We all know that the iPhone SE will be coming in with a 4inch display screen. It might be smaller but the SE models will be sporting the same design as the Apple iPhone 6s model.

Like the iPhone 6s, the device will also come with the fingerprint sensor as well as the Touch IS but what many does not know is that the Touch ID is the first gen sensor which means it might be slower than the one on the iPhone 6s. It also does not come with the 3D Touch display.

While the iPhone SE will be missing some features, it makes up for it with a 12MP rear camera. The iPhone 6S comes with an 8MP rear camera. Both devices will be running on the A9 chip and come with the iOS 9 software.

Do you think the Apple iPhone SE has a place in the current market?

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