Apple iPhone 6s: The Side That Nobody Bothers To Talk About

When you talk about the specs of the Apple iPhone 6s, most poeple will be quick to point out that the Apple iPhone 6s is behind in time as they are only offering their customers 2GB of RAM instead of the 4GB RAM that most phones are offering. One Plus 3 will even come with 6GB RAM leaving iPhone users feeling left behind but is having a 2GB RAM smartphone really that bad.

The way Apple does it is that they optimize and fully utilize the 2GB RAM that they have to offer while on some other smartphones, the RAM is not fully utilized. So what’s the use of many of much RAM when you are not using it.

One of the reasons why Apple is insisting on keeping the RAM low is also because it consumes less power. However, that does not mean that we will not be impressed when we see smartphones like the OnePlus 3 coming in with a 6GB RAM.

Would you get for smartphones like the new OnePlus 3 or is the iPhone 6s the one for you?

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