Apple iPad Pro: New Model Arrival Time Hinted By Old iPad

It is believed that Apple might be thinking about refreshing their upcoming Apple iPad Pro. While Apple has not mentioned anything yet, it is believed that we could be seeing three refresh and new iPads from Apple this year.

The reports are saying that there is going to be a 9.7inch device, a new 10.5nch iPad as well as a 12.9inch iPad Pro. While we still do not know when this device will be arriving, some people are saying that it will be arriving soon as the production for the Apple iPad Pro seems to be slowing down.

According to MacRumors, the shipping time for the Apple iPad Pro have been changed to 2 to 3 weeks and some people are saying that this might bee because Apple is trying to clear out their old iPad Pro to make way for the new iPad.

Maybe we will hear more about it next month or March but for now, all we can do it wait.

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