Apple Ipad Mini 4: Can So Many Issues Be Overlooked?

The new Apple ipad Mini 4 has been introduced to iFags and many would like to know more about what it has to offer. The tablet has known to handle multitasking well. The display of the new tablet is one of its top selling points. It’s bright, sharp and produces a great picture quality while managing to pack a lot of pixels in its relatively tiny dimensions. Furthermore, the extra picture quality does not seem to have compromised the battery life in any way, so the device is as good as ever.

The iPad Mini 4 is more or less intact with this release, and they take a careful step not to alter it too much. The new model comes with a slight improvement in its dimension, and it is a bit slimmer that the previous model while adding a few to the length.

However, the audio quality and the memory card slot are not that good. Those who want to use Apple iPad Mini 4 without headphones might disappoint themselves. But, that should not be the main issue.

Overall, this tablet is a pretty compact device and has a lot to offer, minus the minor flaws that is has. It is still great in the market, and knowing the Apple die-hard fans, they just won’t stop supporting whatever products created by Apple.

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