Apple Could Push Away Many Buyers For iPhone 8

The iPhone 7 is doing a lot better than what most people have expected and with all the rumors about some of the big upgrades that Apple will be making on their next Apple iPhone 8, the new iPhone should be doing even better but only if Apple don’t get carried away with the price.

The Apple iPhone is known for being pricey but new reports suggest that Apple might take things a little further with the Apple iPhone 8. Fast Company reported that the new iPhone 8 could cost up to $1000.

It is said that Apple’s decision to change their display to the OLED display might be the reason why the iPhone will be given such a huge price tag. There were also talk about Apple possibly calling it the iPhone X instead of the iPhone 8.

There have been a lot of talk about the new iPhone coming with a curved display. As amazing as that sounds, would you get one if it really comes with a $1000 price tag?

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