Apple Caught Microsoft Surface Pro 4 By Surface

It is pretty clear who Apple is going after when they released the new Apple iPad Pro. As if the name is not clear enough, the Apple iPad Pro also comes with a detachable keyboard and a new stylus called the Apple Pencil.

Most people would have easily guessed that Apple is looking to compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 last year but most people would also think that the Pro 4 will not be threatened since the Pro 4 and the iPad Pro are two very different devices.

However, most people will most likely go for only one of the two devices so when it was announced that Apple manages to sell more units of the Apple iPad Pro when it was first release, it felt like the Apple iPad Pro was showing Microsoft who’s the boss.

With features like Smart Connect, 3D Touch as well as all the new accessories, the Apple iPad Pro is one appealing device but we still think it is nowhere near as impressive as the Pro 4.

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