Apple AirPods: You Snooze, You Lose!

Despite all the jokes that the public made about the new Apple Airpods, Apple still had no problem selling them off. In fact, their stores ran out of Airpods soon after it was released.

Those that did not get one were forced to wait patiently for Apple to get their next batch of stock ready. Well, if you are still looking to get one, now is the time. AT&T and Verizon have just announced that they have received their new Apple Airpod stock and that they are going to ship them out tomorrow.

You can get the Airpods from both carriers for $159 although Verizon will only need two days to ship it out while AT&T needs three. If you are looking to own one, you might want to order them now as we do not know how much stock they have and how long this will last time this.

If you don’t get it now, you might end up waiting for a few more months before the next batch of Airpods arrives.

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