Apple AirPods: Who’s Laughing Now?

The Apple AirPods was treated as a joke when Apple first release it but we all know that when the time come, people will still be rushing out to get one. What we did not expect was for the Apple AirPods to dominate the headphone market.

According to Slice Intelligence, wireless headphones took up 75% of the headphone sales in 2016. They added that the wireless headphone only took up 50% of sales in 2015 and many believe that the arriving of the Apple Airpods might have helped the wireless headphone gain that extra 26% last year.

This was despite Apple having issues with stock. The numbers could have been higher if Apple has made enough to meet the demand of their customers. The report also reveals that the Apple Airpods beat Apple’s own Beats as well.

A few other smartphone manufacturer are also getting ready to cut the cord so we should see the number rise even more this year.

It looks like Apple is the one with the final laugh now.

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