Alien: Isolation Clearer Picture Painted

The story of the Alien: Isolation game that was released a few years ago was pretty clear but like all the other games, it was intended to come with a few more details but those were cut out at the end.

Luckily for the fans, the files were found by Web developer Matt Flier. He found it when he was digging through the Alien: Isolation files and found some extra audios and dialogues that were intended for the game.

While the extra material won’t really affect the ending of the story, it does give is a better picture of some of the characters in the game. We also got to learn more about that happen to Sevastopol before Riddley arrived at the station. It adds a nice touch to the game. I am sure the Alien fans would be happy to find these.

If you would like to check out the files, head to this Steam page right now.

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