Alien Covenant VR Could Surpass Alien Isolation In Horror

Remember when some people managed to mod the Alien: Isolation game so that it can be played on VR. Well, that was one scary mode which is why we think the Alien Covenant VR could really bring the horror on.

According to Variety, Alien Covenant will not only be a movie but it will also be getting a tie-in virtual reality experience. The report stated that the VR title will be a paid title which means this will be more than just a VR gimmick like the ones from the Divergent movies.

Based on the description, it looks like players will have to navigate their way and make tough decisions to survive. Fox also describe the experience as a dread-inducing journey.

The tie-in virtual reality experience will most likely be released for the PlayStation VR, Vive as well as Oculus Rift. We should be seeing it in May when the movie arrives.

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