Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon Puts Stelvio To Shame

We thought the Alfa Romeo Giulia was great. The Alfa Romeo Giulia-based Stelvio also looked amazing but that was before we laid eyes on this Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon seen here was rendered by the people over at Motor1 and we not only think that it looks better than the upcoming Alfa Romeo Stelvio but some people even thinks that it beats the Alfa Romeo Giulia model.

Of course, Alfa Romeo has never indicated that they are going to build a new wagon based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia. However, JATP Dynamics analyst Felipe Munoz thinks that Alfa Romeo would benefit heavily from a wagon model.

Even if Alfa Romeo does decided to work on a new Alfa Romeo Giulia wagon model, there is no reason for us here in the US to get excited since wagons don’t usually make it to our shores.

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